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  1. 2016.05.17 mod_define
posted by 은이종 2016. 5. 17. 11:54


This module is contained in the mod_define.c file. It provides the definition variables for arbitrary directives, i.e. variables which can be expanded on any(!) directive line. It is compatible with Apache httpd 2.0 and 2.2. It is not compiled into the server by default. To use mod_define you have to enable the following line in the server build Configuration file:

    AddModule  modules/extra/mod_define.o







첨부한 파일을 옮긴 후,


apxs –i – a –c mod_define.c

으로 설치




LoadModule define_module    modules/mod_define.so


자동으로 기입된다.


해당 소켓파일은 /apache/module에 위치하니 확인

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